Actors who were born with a silver spoon

Carmen Ribecca We’re all familiar with the stereotype of the struggling actor who waits tables between dashing to auditions, scraping by while waiting for a big break. While that may be a rite of passage for many would-be Hollywood stars, plenty of others walked into their first casting office with a major leg up — […]

The untold truth of Cristiano Ronaldo

Getty Images Christian Baker Cristiano Ronaldo is perhaps the most celebrated soccer player on the planet. As the star of Real Madrid, who recently won his fifth Ballon d’Or, he’s a fan favorite all over the globe, but how much does the average fan know about the famous Portuguese striker? We’ve got the scoop. His […]

Inside Nancy Kerrigan’s tragic real-life story

Getty Images Phil Archbold Nancy Kerrigan is one of the most famous American figure skaters in history, but the two-time Olympic medalist and former US national champion is rarely remembered for her achievements in the sport. Due to an off-ice incident that took place during the trials for the 1994 winter games, Kerrigan became a […]