The real reason these bands broke up

Brian Boone@brianbooone It takes a lot of time, hard work, artistic ability, and good old fashioned luck for a band to jump from the garage to a sold-out stadium tour. But then, all too frequently, those bands of brothers and sisters walk away from the money and fame to split up the band go their […]

The one messed up thing about these Christmas movies nobody talks about

Jake Vigliotti@toughthurtriviaChris Sims Nothing brings joy and relaxation like a wonderful Christmas movie. Of course, one man’s “Christmas movie” is another’s “they mentioned Christmas so it counts.” Whether you agree or not, what’s undeniable is that you’ve probably seen these movies eleventeen times but never really processed some of the strange details. Once you notice […]

Sports you won’t believe actually exist

Nicholas Conley@NicholasConley1 It might seem strange that so many people get excited when a team of humans toss a ball back and forth, but life is full of mysteries. What can’t be argued is that sports are one of the most celebrated activities in human society. Championships bring entire nations together. People cheer from the […]